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Windows XP Pro SP2 ISO Download Free Bootable CD | Windows XP SP2 Professional - WebForPC

Windows XP has a lot of updates in the user interface (compared to Windows ME and 2000), making it easier to use and navigate through files and programs. The appearance of windows shell elements such as desktops, taskbar, start menu, get a better design with transparent icons and shadow drops. The Start menu gets two columns, and now it is completely customizable by the user. Windows Explorer also gets new features and changes, like task pane (useful file actions shown in the left hand sidebar), file thumbnails, sorting, grouping etc.

Windows XP Pro SP 2.iso


The Start menu received its first major overhaul in XP, switching to a two-column layout with the ability to list, pin, and display frequently used applications, recently opened documents, and the traditional cascading "All Programs" menu. The taskbar can now group windows opened by a single application into one taskbar button, with a popup menu listing the individual windows. The notification area also hides "inactive" icons by default. A "common tasks" list was added, and Windows Explorer's sidebar was updated to use a new task-based design with lists of common actions; the tasks displayed are contextually relevant to the type of content in a folder (e.g. a folder with music displays offers to play all the files in the folder, or burn them to a CD).[24]

From Where I can download Microsoft windows xp service pack 2 or 3 official .iso bootable. My Windows Xp cd has broken but have Genuine key. so please provide me official download link.

so i managed to get The desktop to boot and messed with the BIOS "i reset the BIOS to Default" but i booted off the Flash drive Success! not so much then windows xp only let me intall to the 8GB Flash drive not The 1 TB SATA Hard drive

then i burned the SAME ISO to DVD to try and get it to work as i used rufus to make windows XP bootable flash drive. i think i am going to have to take my Desktop to Matrix computers to install windows xp for me Windows XP Pro SP2 VL 32 bit i got a LEGIT Windows XP from i read the "F6ReadMe" ok so i have to put the Floppy rar file you gave onto a USB when pressing F6 WILL IT WORK

Only (software) difference between the 2 laptops was that one had been running for a few days longer, and had all of the windows update patches installed on it. So, I checked the first laptop that the install failed on, and there were a bunch of Office 2007 updates to install - so installed those and tried the install again. After the office patches were all in place, the VS 2008 Team Dev install worked. This still baffles me as to why it gave me such grief for the first couple days.


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