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Skate 3 Unpatched Glitches

One of the most popular exploits in the game is the Skate 3 speed glitch. Anyone can learn the speed glitch, which allows skaters to soar across the map. While the buttons to press are simple, gamers will need a few tips to master the mechanics. This guide will cover everything people need to know to perform the perfect speed glitch.

Skate 3 Unpatched Glitches

Updated on September 14, 2021 by Payton Lott: After players learn the various methods of speed glitching in Skate 3, they will need somewhere to test their skills. Skate 3's map has a number of iconic locations perfect for a well timed speed glitch. This updated guide will include several ideal locations where gamers can land the perfect trick. Speed glitches in Skate 3 open up an endless number of opportunities for skaters. Travel to the locations at the end of this guide to pull off the most amazing clips possible in Skate 3.

At the top of the jump, gamers will need to press RB or R1. If performed correctly the character's arm should flail while in the air. The only remaining step is to press Y or Triangle right after pressing RB/R1. It seems way too simple for a full-fledged guide on paper, but getting the timing down can be frustrating. If pressing RB/R1 at the peak does not work, people may have a better success rate if they press the button just as the skater begins to descend.

There are a few tells which indicate what the user is doing wrong. Pressing Y too early will result in the skater just hopping on the board. On the contrary, pressing Y too late will cause the character to bail. Players will fail a number of times before they can get the timing down.

If the character model pulls in the board at the right time, it will send the skater into hyperspace while going fakie. Most of the time, the player will be going faster than normal, which is enough to clear small gaps and pull off a few tricks. However, if the camera zooms away from the character model, it is a perfect Skate 3 speed glitch.

This Skate 3 speed glitch is like the above method minus the cannonball. Hold RB/R1 while pressing the other buttons. As soon as the skater is in the air, let go of RB and summon the board. Like the backwards summon glitch, the character's arms will raise if the timing is correct.

Use the same method as the RB/R1 glitch, but press the high pump button on the D-pad first. Before the character's hands go all the way up, press RB/R1. It should look like the skater is awkwardly hugging someone. Next, repeat the steps above to get a little more speed.

The reason people learn the speed glitch is to exploit the mechanics in game. The following locations will give skaters the opportunity to pull off impossible tricks and clear insurmountable obstacles with the Skate 3 speed glitch.

Cheats are methods to break the rules of a game, and alter its intended gameplay. It's up to each individual person whether they want to use cheats or not. Cheats may be intentionally programmed into the game, or they may exist as unpatched bugs.

It reads like a long-winded commercial for the game, and completely blows off recalling the major bugs and glitches in the "joy/con" section, which should be listed there, in summary. Color me skeptical.

This has always been a no-brainer purchase from me, it was clear from the start it would be excellent. I'm waiting for the physical though, and while initially I was sad that the standard retail version wouldn't be available day and date with the digital, the talks of day 1 patches, bugs and glitches the team are aware of, and some of the hitches mentioned in the review sounding quite dramatic, I'm happy to wait for a "finished" game on cart.


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