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Icelandic Water Where To Buy LINK

Yes! Our water comes from the Ölfus Spring on the southwest coast of Iceland. At Icelandic Glacial, we believe in sharing our premium water with the world and doing so with environmentally sound practices. Icelandic Glacial water is exceptional in terms of quality, taste and purity. Click here to find out more about our source, the Ölfus Spring.

icelandic water where to buy

Icelandic Glacial can be found at a wide variety of retailers nationwide. Please use our convenientstore locator to find a location nearest you. You can also get Icelandic Glacial water delivery to your door anywhere in the United States by ordering online.

There is absolutely nothing added to Icelandic Glacial, just the natural occurring minerals such as calcium, magnesium and sodium are present. Harmful chemicals such as fluoride are not present nor added to the water. A full water quality report is availablehere.

Not all water is the same. Depending upon the source, water contains different levels of minerals, dissolved solids and acidity, which directly affect its taste and benefits. Tap water varies significantly with the potential of environmental contaminants making their way into the water supply. To combat such contaminants, chlorine is often added which can affect taste.

Icelandic Glacial comes from a natural spring source that is powerfully filtered through volcanic rock that produces a water of exceptional purity with a crisp, clean finish. The natural filters also provide a naturally occurring alkalinity of pH 8.4. Icelandic Glacial water is tested daily in a state of the art laboratory, and it exceeds all of the most stringent international testing criteria.

Icelanders have lived alongside the overbearing power of water since the land was first settled. Throughout the centuries, the country survived on the courage of its fishermen, who braved storms and fierce Atlantic waves daily to ensure they and their loved ones were fed.

One of the most important water deities in Norse mythology, Ægir, is first mentioned in the Prose Edda, a medieval saga written by medieval Icelandic poet, Snorri Sturluson. Ægir is considered to be a Jötunn (a contrast to being a God) and is described as a giant with white hair and a long beard. Widely considered Lord of the Ocean, Ægir is married to the sea Goddess, Rán, with whom they had nine children, the Daughters of Ægir.

Also prevalent throughout Scandinavian folklore are the Nix (aka. Necks or Nokken), a type of water sprites known for their ability to shapeshift into other creatures. Similar to a mermaid, spotting a Nix was considered an ill-omen; a Nix was widely thought capable of luring a man into drowning.

Did you know that you can drink the tap water in Iceland? You should do... it is, after all, found in almost every article on the internet about traveling in Iceland. And yet, time and again, it is typically obvious that some people are still unaware, or perhaps even afraid, of what's coming out of the tap here.

Iceland's water is so clean that drinking from the taps alone doesn't even cover it; more often than not, it is completely safe to drink from the country's streams and river systems, most of which originate from one of the island's many, mighty glaciers. One can even go snorkeling in Silfra fissure and choose to lap up the very fluid in which you swim.

So, allow us to reiterate; the tap water in Iceland is clean, drinkable, delicious, and made up of the exact same components as what is sloshing around in that expensive, environmentally-reckless, "designer" bottle.

The only thing you need to do is to make sure the cold water runs for a while, because if it's got any hot water mixed in with it then it will smell, and taste, of sulphur. It is only the hot water that smells of sulphur, which you may notice when you take a shower, but not the cold water. And after a while you won't notice the smell anymore.

Companies that focus on providing quality bottled waters are consciously promoting an ideology they know has no grounding in reality. The two major companies (Icelandic Glacial and Iceland Natural Spring Water) are guilty of this, though there would no drawing such an admission out of them.

Nothing else feels quite as authentically Icelandic as lowering yourself into soothing hot water provided by Mother Nature herself. The experience is often complimented with the glory of the Midnight Sun or, in the winter, the dancing Northern Lights. Either way, hour upon pleasant hour can be spent merrily conversing amidst the rising steam and gentle bubbles.

Do be aware that a large number of hot pools in Iceland are either difficult to find or located on private property. If you are unsure as to where to locate your desired pool, it is always a solid idea to ask a local; not only will they know the best spots, but they will also be able to advise you on the best times to visit and show you directions on how to get there.

The spa is famous for its beautiful water colour, gorgeous surroundings and revitalising mud. Many visitors to Iceland will choose to visit this spa for a few hours either at the beginning or the end of their holiday, maximising their experience on their way to and from the airport.

Iceland's largest is Laugardalslaug in Reykjavík, an Olympic sized pool that sees 1.5 million visitors annually. The complex boasts a series of hot tubs, steam rooms and saunas, water slides and a gymnasium.

Thankfully, Iceland doesn't have that problem, given the sheer amount of energy pulsating beneath the country's surface. Here, electricity, water, power, heat... all are in high supply and surprisingly cheap to maintain.

Geothermal energy in Iceland is masterfully utilised; with such an abundance of natural energy literally pouring out from the open ground, concepts such as "short showers" and "turn the lights off" have less gravitas here than elsewhere on the planet. Aside from geothermal thermal heating, the majority of Iceland's energy is achieved through hydroelectric power (up to 75%).

Did you enjoy our article about Icelandic water? What were your favourite water-based activities whilst in Iceland? Please feel free to leave a comment or query in the Facebook box below.

Icelandic Glacial is sourced from the naturally replenishing underground Ölfus Spring in Icelandic. It is a water with remarkably low mineral level (TDS) and a naturally occurring alkaline pH level of 8.4

Aqua Amore is a family business started by two brothers in 2007. We supply excellent bottled waters and soft drinks to homes, businesses, restaurants (from Michelin-starred to local gems), five star hotels, coffee shops, delis, offices and workplaces - meeting the growing demand for mineral waters, healthy drinks and non-alcoholic beverages.

Aqua Amore understand the importance of bottled water for both hydration purposes and in a gastronomic environment. We also understand and appreciate the growing importance of non-alcoholic beverages such as healthy drinks, birch, maple and coconut waters, as well as soft drinks - all consumed by a everyday consumer with a growing knowledge and understanding of drinks.

Furthermore, Aqua Amore were one of the very first wholesalers and retailers to introduce coconut waters, birch waters and maple waters to the UK (and European) market, and we take pride in our wide range which include popular favourites like Vita Coco..

It's a little known fact that Reykjavík is one of few capital cities in the world that does not treat its drinking water in any way. The reason is simple: The tap water in Reykjavík is among the purest spring water available to consumers anywhere in the world. Which is also the reason you should not buy bottled water in Iceland.

The BAFTA winning multi-instrumentalist and producer Ólafur Arnalds recently made this point on his twitter account, urging friends visiting Iceland to drink tap water and stay away from bottled water:

We at Iceland Magazine have on numerous occasions warned foreign visitors not to waste their money on bottled water. The tap water in Iceland is not only perfectly safe, it's actually cleaner than the water available to consumers in most countries. If you are concerned about global warming you should also stick to tap water which has a carbon footprint of close to zero, while bottled water generates a lot of plastic waste and leaves a significant carbon footprint.

According to recent statistics from the International Bottled Water Association and Beverage Marketing Corporation, U.S. bottled water volume increased 9.5 percent in 2006 with sales exceeding $10.8 billion. The super-premium segment in which Icelandic Glacial competes in the United States is relatively small, but profitable and rapidly growing. According to a 2006 survey conducted by Zenith International, the U.S. market for super-premium, imported water sales grew by nearly 20 percent in value during 2005 due to increased recognition and demand for quality by U.S. consumers.

Icelandic Glacial is the product of Icelandic Water Holdings ehf, which was founded in April 2004 and is located in Thorlákshöfn, Iceland. Largely uninhabited and pollution free, Iceland has one of the cleanest environments on the planet. The source of this legendary water is the Ölfus Spring, a naturally replenished catchment zone formed during a massive volcanic eruption more than 4,500 years ago. The local government is particularly appreciative of the need to protect this valuable resource and has applied an exclusion zone around the spring. For more information on Icelandic Glacial, see

Taking advantage of Iceland's natural energy sources, our state of the art facility is fueled entirely by geothermal and hydroelectric power. The water collected flows directly from the source to our bottling plant, located at the edge of the Ölfus Spring.

Icelandic Glacial is direct from the source, filtered underneath hundreds of feet of lava rock. Bottled at high pressure with no flouride added and no oxzonation makes this water the safest, purist, cleanest drinking water on the planet. 041b061a72


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