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Meechie Chow

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the chelyabinsk-70 soviet nuclear test used thermonuclear weapons with an estimated yield of about 20 megatons of tnt equivalent (mt te) with a nominal mass of 30 kilotons (nuke has an apparent mass of about 40 kilotons). this explosion had an estimated yield of about half the energy of the total blast of the nagasaki atomic bomb. the blast of the chelyabinsk-70 test was larger than the bomb of the test of the world's first nuclear bomb, the trinity device in new mexico, as blast measurements suggested that the blast was about 30 kilotons, rather than the expected yield of about 16 kilotons. (atlas has adopted the terrestrial impactor model of blast production for modern nuclear weapon design. [16] this model is a derived from terrestrial impactor measurements and was created as part of the atlas new mexico experiment.)

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