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Best Buy Refurbished Policy

The refresh cycles for new drones have gotten noticeably shorter in the last couple of years. This has resulted in drone pilots or enterprises having to buy new drone models at least once a year to keep up with the latest features. This has also created a sustainable market for refurbished drones.

best buy refurbished policy

Buying refurbished drones is a great way to save money. You can buy a refurbished drone for about 10% to 20% cheaper than their brand-new counterparts. Is buying refurbished drones a good idea? What are the special factors to consider when buying refurbished?

Technically, anybody who can tinker with drones and replace spare parts can do a refurbishment. However, we recommend buying only drones that have been refurbished by the original manufacturer. This is the only way to guarantee that you are getting a refurbished drone that has a similar quality to brand-new.

You can buy refurbished drones directly from the manufacturers. DJI has an online storefront specifically for DJI Refurbished products. The selection here can vary from time to time. As of the writing of this article, DJI is selling refurbished versions of some of their most popular drones including the Air 2S, Mini SE, and Mavic Air 2.

Autel also has a similar page for their refurbished products. At the time of writing, the page only contains refurbished accessories like remote controllers and chargers. The page likely also has a revolving selection of available products.

There are several precautions to take before buying a refurbished drone. The most important thing is to get one that has been refurbished by the original manufacturer. This ensures that repairs and tests were done properly and that defective parts were replaced by original spares.

Grade A refurbished devices should look just like new or have very, very faint signs of use. Meanwhile, Grade B devices may have minor scratches or wear, while Grade C devices will show obvious signs of wear.

While the Apple Refurbished Store is an excellent place to buy a reconditioned iPad, you may find stock is limited; and in some cases, other retailers offer newer models second-hand or refurbished at better prices too. Here are a few retailers worth checking out (in alphabetical order):

Somrata researches and writes about the best tech deals to help readers make smart, informed buying decisions. She's an expert on accessories and also reviews laptops, phones, audio and other devices.

If you're trying to squeeze the most value out of every dollar of your next laptop purchase, consider buying a refurbished unit. While you won't usually find the latest and greatest products being sold as refurbished, you will often be able to save money and get slightly more functionality by considering a product that's not fresh off the factory line.

Buying a refurbished laptop can save you several hundred dollars depending on the make and model and where you shop. However, you're unlikely to find the latest-generation laptops available as refurbs, unless the model in question has been on the market for six months or more.

Perhaps, because it doesn't refresh its laptops that often, Apple sells refurbished units of its MacBooks. For example, a new 12-inch MacBook 1.1GHz Dual-core Intel Core m3 (from April 2016) costs $1,299 new. A refurbished model sells for $1,099 on Apple's website, covered by a one-year limited warranty. At Amazon, the same unit sells for $899.99 with a 90-day warranty.

However, if you're looking for a refurbished Dell XPS 13, you may have to settle for an older model. When we first checked, Dell Outlet was selling an XPS 13 from two generations ago, which was equipped with a Core i5-5200U CPU, 128GB SSD and 8GB of RAM, for $739 with a one-year warranty. A brand-new XPS 13 with the current-gen Core i5-7200U CPU and similar specs goes for $999, over $250 more. A few days later, the stock had changed and some newer units were available.

"Microsoft refurbishers mostly work with enterprise equipment, but even though the laptop started out as enterprise, you get it at the consumer price," said Willie Cade, founder and CEO of PC Rebuilders and Recyclers, a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR). "If it's for work, shopping, email and other basic tech uses, refurbished is absolutely the way to go."

"The big OEMs are quite good in this area. Since Apple, Dell and HP put their names behind their refurbished equipment, they generally make sure that the IT Asset Management companies that do the refurbishment and reconditioning do good work," he said. Thus, either the laptop manufacturer or authorized refurbishers are the best sources for obtaining your purchase.

Regardless of its route to the laptop spa, manufacturers or third-party authorized refurbishers typically sanitize, sort and grade the units based on physical look and functionality. They disassemble each one, checking for damaged components, battery function, screen quality, power supply, loose connections, hard drive and optical drive. If a seller does not follow a process like this, the product isn't really refurbished; it's used.

Some refurbished laptop warranties may be shorter than for new products and typically do not cover battery life, but each vendor is different, so read the fine print before adding the item to your shopping cart. You should get 30 days at least, and Microsoft requires a minimum 90-day warranty. Apple and refurbishers such as PCRR warranty their laptops for a year.

Also, look for a generous return policy so you get to test the machine and otherwise make sure the unit suits you. Rechargeable batteries are considered consumables and have a natural lifespan, so you'll want to make sure your refurbished laptop can hold a charge. Amazon states that new, used and refurbished products purchased from Marketplace vendors are subject to the returns' policy of the individual vendor. Some 14-day money-back return policies involve a restocking fee, so watch out.

When you or a loved one opens the box containing a refurbished laptop, you hope to see a gleaming, undamaged exterior free of scratches and dings. The keyboard should have that new keyboard look as opposed to specific keys looking shiny or worn. The screen should be clear and bright. Anything less could be a letdown.

Buyers should always look for a condition statement on the refurbished product page. The retailer usually discloses cosmetic flaws in the product description, but not always. Apple's site contains a general statement of standards linked to each refurbished product on sale, but otherwise does not have a condition report on each product page. Amazon includes a general condition linked to a pop-up page of general condition guidelines.

Nonetheless, cosmetic standards vary. The case could have some dings and imperfections that do not affect the unit's computing power, and buyers of refurbished laptops should be prepared for a product that does not look factory-fresh. Nonetheless, buyers should be sure to check for telltale signs that the new unit may not be up to standard: details like dead pixels on the screen, noisy hard drives, loose or squeaky hinges, or obvious signs of wear.

The Best Buy Outlet trades in refurbished, open-box and pre-owned electronics that are verified to work properly. These carry warranties from 90 days to a year with extended holiday return and exchange dates and are covered by Best Buy's Return & Exchange Promise. Best Buy says its refurbished products are repaired and restored to a like-new state and include all parts and accessories (original or comparable substitutes).

Amazon's Certified Refurbished (opens in new tab) laptops are tested by qualified manufacturers or third-party refurbishers like PCRR so they look and work like new. They come with a minimum 90-day limited warranty. On the Amazon site, you can search via a large number of criteria from the number of cores to hard-drive size, RAM and more to get the best model for your needs.

Amazon also sells refurbished, used and open-box laptops from its Amazon Warehouse Deals site. Though the company tests the functional and physical condition of products sold there, and grades them before putting them out for sale, there are no warranties for such used items, except for optional extended warranties you can purchase.

If you're shopping for an Apple notebook, be sure to visit Apple's refurbishing site (opens in new tab). All of Apple's refurbished laptops come with a year's warranty, free shipping and free returns. Refurb Tracker offers email alerts and RSS feeds to keep you updated on new refurbished products from Apple Store websites.

Refurbished iPhones offer a great way to save money on your next iPhone purchase. The Apple Store, Best Buy, and Amazon are typically great starting points if you're looking for deals on refurbished iPhones. Depending on the model you choose, you could save from $50 to $350.

However, one of our favorite refurbished iPhone deals right now comes from Verizon. The carrier has the refurbished Phone 11 on sale for $0 (opens in new tab). Note that this deal is online only and valid on the 64GB and 128GB models. You'll also need to open a new unlimited data plan.

To help you find the best refurbished iPhones, we're rounding up all the best deals below. If you're looking for deals on Apple's current flagships, make sure to check out our guide to the best iPhone 14 deals and Apple Store coupons.

Unlocked refurbished iPhone 11: was $1,099 now $729 @ Apple (opens in new tab)At $729, this is one of the cheapest (unlocked) refurbished iPhones you can get. If you don't see this price for the 64GB model, try different storage capacities to see what other models are on sale.

Unlocked refurbished iPhone XS (64GB): was $253 now $233 @ Amazon (opens in new tab)The iPhone XS boasts a 5.8-inch OLED (2436 x 1125 pixels) display, A12 Bionic CPU, dual 12MP wide (ƒ/1.8) and telephoto (ƒ/2.4) lenses, and a 7MP (ƒ/2.2) front camera. Amazon lists the phone as "looks like new" and it backs it with a 90-day Amazon Renewed Guarantee. 041b061a72


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