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Meechie Chow

Mn Dnr Buy Fishing License

Permits are generally required so please check the regulations. The popularity of fishing contests (tournaments) in recent years is reflected by the nearly 600 permits issued annually by DNR to contest organizers. The DNR regulates fishing contests to reduce the potential for conflicts with other water recreationists at public access sites and on the water.

mn dnr buy fishing license


The DNR is looking to modernize its outdated electronic license system. Input is needed from license agents, deputy registrars, license buyers, and the general public on their needs and priorities, to improve the user experience.

A new conservation fishing license, which will cost one-third less than a regular fishing license, will cost the agency about $2 million annually, depending on how many licenses are sold. (The conservation license was the idea of legislators, not the DNR.)

"Preserving our public lands and investing in our outdoor recreation will have long lasting benefits for generations," said Cole. "Over the last few months we've seen a major uptick in people enjoying the great outdoors from record state park Attendence to increases to hunting and fishing licenses." 041b061a72


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