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Where To Buy Salsa

In 2011, Salsa Express joined the Food E Concepts family of leadingspecialty foods e-commerce sites. Our years of expertise in e-commerceand the specialty foods industry serve to position Salsa Express as thecontinued leader in the salsa, hot sauce and southwest specialty foodscategories for the next 20 years and beyond. So tell your friends and enjoy!

where to buy salsa

I started Salsa Queen as a single mother to provide for my 7 young children. This has been a family affair from the beginning when we made salsas in our small kitchen with a handheld chopper. We've grown from those humble beginnings to having our product in nearly 1000 stores across 25 states and now shipping to customers throughout the country.

It has always been important that our products have bold, authentic flavors with NO preservatives or fillers. You will find only the highest quality ingredients in our fresh, gourmet salsas and dips, providing you with the most amazing flavors and experiences. Try us once and you'll never go back!

There's no shortage of varieties when it comes to the kinds of jarred salsas that exist in this world: You've got your tomato-based classics, the "thick 'n' chunky" options, salsa verde...I could keep going forever. For the purpose of this taste test, I decided to stick with the smoother, tomato-based varieties, just to make sure all the options were comprised of similar-ish ingredients.

This salsa was marginally better than Tostitos, but oddly enough, my critique is the exact same. The "weird fake lime" was back at it again, but it wasn't as overwhelming as it was in the Tostitos version.

From what the internet tells me, this one is beloved by many. And with a practically limitless roster of exciting flavors and varieties, I get it! I mean, Tequila Borracha Salsa? Sign me up! But the Double Roasted Tomato salsa, which seemed to be the most widely available non-chunky salsa out there, was full of flavors and sensations that overwhelmed me in a way I was simply unprepared for.

Some people are incredibly sensitive to smokiness in foods, but I'm not one of them. In fact, when it comes to smoke, bring it on! Especially in a salsa. The fact that this was too smoky for even me?! That's saying something. Perhaps the double-roasting of the tomatoes had something to do with that, but it left the taste of smoked meat lingering in my mouth for minutes after. Actually, I could see this one being tasty if you're cooking with it...but for a simple chips 'n' salsa situation, I'd advise against it.

These next two salsas sit firmly in the category of "salsas I'd happily eat at a party even if I wouldn't buy them." Newman's Own salsa wasn't really anything special, but it would totally get the job done, even if it was much sweeter than I would've liked.

If you're looking for a taste bud EXPLOSION when it comes to flavor, this one probably won't fulfill that desire...but if you prefer a salsa that's tomato-forward and tastes super fresh, I'd highly recommend it.

Here's my one caveat: If you're not big on cumin (I know some folks aren't), I did find that spice in particular came through in a major way. I happen to really love it, so it didn't bother me one bit...but of all the salsas I sampled, the addition of cumin was most pronounced in this one. I do think a little less of the stuff would've allowed the A+ ingredients to shine a bit more, but still, I have no major complaints!

Everything about this salsa is just right: from the price to the flavor to the consistency. Honestly, I don't have a single critique to offer at this if you love salsa, I'm begging you to try this one (and then let me know what you think).

Since our salsas and dips are fresh with no preservatives, they are located in the refrigerated section, usually near the cheeses. Ask a store manager if you're not able to find them! Also, if you'd like to start carrying our salsas in your store, then email us at '' for the details!

Our fresh spin on a classic verde salsa blends fresh tomatillos and Hass avocados with a hint of spicy jalapeño peppers and lime. These flavors never disappoint a crowd. Use it as a dip, top on tacos, or use it as a salad dressing. The options are endless!

Our original mild salsa represents the perfect marriage of heat and sweet. Ripe roma tomatoes provide a natural sweetness while crisp jalapeño peppers add a tantalizing zing. Each bite is packed full of the freshest ingredients Texas has to offer. This mild salsa is the perfect companion for quesadillas, nachos or stuffed peppers.

The bolder sibling to our mild offering, our hot salsa packs a punch. A proprietary blend of superior spices mingles with both sweet and hot peppers to produce a distinctive heat that will have you coming back for more. Set this lively salsa out at your next barbeque or family gathering for a surefire hit.

I just received my first order from Texas Sweet Heat a couple of days ago. It was 3 jars of the Best Mild salsa I have ever tasted. True to their name, it has a hint of sweetness. I'm sure their Hot is equally delicious, I just can't eat hot salsa. I will buy from Texas Sweet Heat again!

Our original sweet salsa adds a delicious kick to a wide variety of foods from appetizers to entries. Each bite is a flavor explosion that results from the perfect combination of sweetness and bold spices. It is prepared in a way that gives every bite a consistent, full flavor.

Texas Sweet Heat is the product of gourmet innovation and passion. Gazing out at a sea of mediocre salsas, we knew we could do better. Our aim was to craft a salsa steeped in the tradition of Texas sauces but elevated through the implementation of contemporary cooking methods and fresh ingredients. After eleven awards and much acclaim, we are proud to offer up a salsa that is bold yet refined, tasteful yet inspired.

Nothing provides a kick of flavor like a salsa made by hand. We slowly fire roast our chilies and tomatoes to create that authentic and mouth-watering Mexican flavor. We then grind the ingredients together following traditional Mexican methods to create the perfect texture and flavor combination.

Makinze is currently Food Editor for Delish, where she develops recipes, creates and hosts recipe videos and is our current baking queen.. Reigning from Oklahoma, she's also our go-to for all things regarding Midwestern cuisine. She's also our expert pie crimper.

I was in Galveston on vacation and was at a grocery store scoping out the salsa. Another customer in the store suggested Mateo's. I had never tried it and decided to give it a try. I am glad I did, it is the best salsa I have ever ate. Now I buy it locally every week. Thanks Mateo's for making a great product.

I am very selective in ALL my food choices. Once I discovered Mateos Salsa, I became a customer for life. The BEST SALSA I have ever eaten. So many uses, fresh ingredients, excellent packaging especially since I have the salsa shipped to me directly and excellent customer service. Shipped by FedEx arriving quickly to my door. As far as the cost of product and shipping, very cost effective and affordable as I live in California! Thank you Mateos Salsa!

Delicious! We use Mt. Olive pickle salsa for so many things, from hot dogs and hamburgers to our house Thousand Island dressing. But we're having trouble finding it now. All the stores on the Mt. Olive website no longer sell it.

I have never in my life had a salsa/condiment that was this TASTY!!! LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT! I only bought one jar, I won't make that mistake again. Will by 2 to 4 jars at a time, this stuff is the BEST and it goes great with just about everything!!! Mt Olive, you hit this one out of the park!!!!! Keep making it!!!!! Thank you!!!!

Oh my goodness...I can't get enough of this yummy salsa! I ate the entire jar in one day! The problem is, I bought the only jar they had and now I can't find anymore! If you see this in your store, buy it!

I usually love FODY products and have been buying this salsa for a long time. This is the first one I got with the new label and I'm not sure if it's a recipe change or just a bad batch, but my gosh it's too salty to eat (and I love salt). At first I blamed the chips before realizing the salsa was the culprit. I'm hoping it's just a bad batch and I don't have to give up salsa.

A signature product, our Original Cherry Salsa is the result of a three-year-long effort to find just the right balance of sweet and spice. This uniquely Michigan-made, medium-style salsa is a customer favorite. Buy it by the jar, or buy it by the case to share. Happy dipping!

Red Gold Medium Salsa is ideal for adding bright, fresh flavor to favorite Tex-Mex foods, enhancing flavor without overwhelming it. A balanced blend of family-farm-fresh jalapenos, green and yellow chilies, and vine-ripened tomatoes brings zest to your morning eggs and breakfast burritos. Improve the flavor of boring microwave lunches with a little of this traditional medium salsa, or give your favorite Mexican dinners fresh appeal by accenting them with this medium tomato salsa. This medium chunky salsa pairs great with a bag of tortilla chips, and it's Steam-Packed Fresh, preserved using steam for fresh tomato flavor without including artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors. The gluten-free vegan salsa does not include the eight most common allergens, so it's ideal for all your family and friends whether you're serving up standard chips and dip or adding medium salsa to meatloaf or chili for a fresh flavor take. Our Midwestern fourth-generation family-owned company is committed to sustainably-grown tomatoes that are good for the environment as well as great tasting, and none of our products include artificial preservatives or is over-processed. Our family passion is to help you care for your family while staying healthy and environmentally responsible. 041b061a72


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