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How to Enhance Your Netflix Experience with IMDb Ratings Using Greasemonkey

I got this script "netflixdownloadlinks.user.js", but it looks like code on netflix has changed since. Is it possible to "fix" this script? Or do you know of any other way to be able to download netflix movies onto hard drive? It just netfilx has been so choppy and glitchy. I'm thinking of canceling it, but may be if I can download movies and watch it latter might give it a try. Also do you know of something better than netflix? How do you watch movies?

greasemonkey script download netflix

Greasemonkey is one of the popular Firefox add-ons that help users to install various scripts as per the requirements and then do whatever they want. You can write your own Greasemonkey script or download the repository. This is probably the best things what Firefox has since other regular add-ons just do a specific task. But, Greasemonkey can do more than one thing and this is where it excels.

If you watch videos on YouTube a lot and want to turbocharge your YouTube experience, here are some Greasemonkey scripts those will let you do more than just helping to watch videos. You can download them and install in your Firefox browser through the standalone Greasemonkey add-on for Firefox.

I found something online, for example you can try a Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox extension called Subadub or this script (use it at your own risk, it's worth to check it out first): -netflix-subtitle-downloader . If you try it, let me know if it works. I'll try it too when I have time.

thank u for your posts. That helps me a lot.I need chinese subs cuz netflix dont offer chinese in this area. I download it from netflix Hongkong as they offer chinese a lot.I will upload them in DFXP after doing this.


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