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Approaching Literature 3rd Edition Pdf Free BETTER

Objectives:Describe the five stages of death, as outlined by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross.Describe alternative paradigms for experiencing death and grief, in addition to those introduced by Kubler-Ross.Explain the potential underlying process generating these outwardly demonstrated stages to provide a context for supporting patients, families, caregivers, and healthcare providers experiencing death.Outline interprofessional team strategies for improving care coordination and communication in a dying patient.Access free multiple choice questions on this topic.

approaching literature 3rd edition pdf free

Denial is a common defense mechanism used to protect oneself from the hardship of considering an upsetting reality. Kubler-Ross noted that patients would often reject the reality of the new information after the initial shock of receiving a terminal diagnosis. Patients may directly deny the diagnosis, attribute it to faulty tests or an unqualified physician, or simply avoid the topic in conversation. While persistent denial may be deleterious, a period of denial is quite normal in the context of terminal illness and could be important for processing difficult information. In some contexts, it can be challenging to distinguish denial from a lack of understanding, and this is one of many reasons that upsetting news should always be delivered clearly and directly. However, unless there is adequate reason to believe the patient truly misunderstands, providers do not need to repeatedly reeducate patients about the truth of their diagnosis, though recognizing the potential confusion can help balance a patient's right to be informed with their freedom to reconcile that information without interference.


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