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[S11E1] The Perfect Storm

But getting woken up by Meredith is only the beginning for Karev, who arrives at work to realize that Bailey wants the board seat that Cristina left to him. And in a moment that perfectly sums up how times have changed, Alex is willing to go toe-to-toe with the Nazi. This from the guy who was once too scared to perform heart surgery in an elevator. (Go George!)

[S11E1] The Perfect Storm


Coincidentally, George has been writing a new book, the manuscript of which is soon stolen and read by Effie Newsome; without permission. He becomes angry at her for reading it, causing her to storm out of the Station House, but not before she admits, "It was very good. I... couldn't put it down." (ep.1217)

On their way to the Land of Lightning, Naruto's ship gets caught in a storm. When the crew gets out of it, they encounter a savage group of pirates, who attempt to sink their boat and capture them. Yamato shields the boat with a Wood technique and they escape underwater in a sub-like contraption, which promptly falls apart. They wash up in an underwater cavern underneath the island the pirates had taken over some time ago. The residents of the island had taken refuge in the caves until they all died. Naruto swears to avenge them all. With a clever plan, Naruto and the ship are rocketed out of the island's dormant volcano top using underground hot springs and he successfully avenges the island folk by defeating the pirates.

Naruto, Aoba, Guy and Yamato continue their voyage towards the Land of Lightning. The episode starts with a storm. During the storm a large bird takes Guy, and when the storm clears up they find an Island. This Island is said to be a summoning island where the large animals such as giant snake, centepede, spider and more live. Aoba saw a girl and tried to pursue her and it leads him to a house where he found a journal about the island. It is said on the journal that they tried to create an ultimate summoning animal. The girl leads Aoba to the research lab in the crater of the volcano where they found the ultimate summoning animal sleeping. Naruto, Guy and Yamato were brought by the large bird to the lab and some of the animals followed them and when the animals come close to the ultimate summoning animal it eats them and assimilates them. It appears that the ultimate summoning animal can use genjutsu and lightning style element. It appears that the girl that led Aoba to the lab is just an embodiment of her thoughts since the girl and the rest of the research team has already been eaten by the ultimate summoning animal. The thoughts of the girl tried to seal the ultimate summoning animal and Naruto used the rasen shuriken to kill the ultimate summoning animal and make it fall into the crater of the volcano.

On this week's episode hosts Aviv and Matt view and review season 10 episode 13 of SVU - Snatched! This episode was described by Matt's mom, who is now doing well and out of the hospital (GET FUCKING VACCINATED!), as a 'cupcake' which the guys try to figure out what exactly that means. Matt is still staying in his childhood home, and is in the middle of the big snowstorm that hit the mid Atlantic and northeast, and Matt thanks Coronavirus for getting his mom onto the pod eventually during the stay. Matt's mom takes a dry run at jotting down notes while watching the ep and takes a very play by play approach. Aviv floats the idea of having Matt's mom do the 60 second recaps from here on out, Aviv has avoided getting fired from his job, and he goes out scouting locations for his upcoming movie project. All this and more! Give us a rate and review wherever fine podcasts are sold, tweet at us @svupodcast (which we cannot stress enough is the official Twitter handle of Law and Order SVU, and you can take that to the bank, the blood bank senator!) and for longer and weirder stuff send us an email

On this weeks episode Matt and Aviv view and review season 3 episode 13 - Protection! Its Matts first episode as a married man! The guys call out how there are very few things to lovingly make fun of in tonights episode, not alot of absurdity So strap in listeners! Aviv also discusses how rough this ep was with his mild face blindness. Matt tells Aviv and the listeners about his lovely wedding and his honeymoon. Aviv recalls how Matt's new brother in law Ryan successfully managed to Rick-Roll Matt and Cassie, a difficult task pulled off perfectly. Matt raves about his honeymoon in Italy and how great the food is there. While discussing the wedding and the honeymoon Aviv actually discovers his invitation and RSVP to Matt's wedding ironically enough. The guys dive into the mailbag and discover. Matt discusses how he could buy farm fresh tupperwear on the side of the highway all over Italy (not really). Aviv discusses how he flew from Matt's wedding to go and perform a wedding and what that experience was like. Aviv asks listeners how often a person is supposed to replace athletic shoes, let us know! All this and much more! Rate and review us on iTunes, tweet at us @SVUPodcast or send us an email 041b061a72


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