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Best Friends Forever Lesbian _TOP_

Family Relationships; Racial Diversity; LGBTQ (Gender and Sexuality); Adoption; Interracial; Gay/Lesbian; adopted child; adoptive family; interracial friendship; lesbian; lesbian adults; same-sex relationship

best friends forever lesbian

Teen blonde and her classmate are on the bed watching lesbian porn on her tablet.They get curious and they want to try what they saw.After that,they start kissing and she licks her friends pussy.In return her friend does the same to her on the bed.

Tight blonde tries to masturbate but her sensitive clit isnt helping at all.She calls her lesbian friends and they brought a vibrator.One is holding her done while the other vibrates her to an orgasm.Time to repay them by licking their pussies

Former best friends have a study day when one asks her why she pushed her away.Her friend admits she always had a crush on her and didnt want rejection.They start kissing and her renewed bff eats her pussy.She facesits her and is licked to an orgasm

Lena Luthor moves to National city at age 10 and meets 10 year old Kara Danvers. They become best friends almost instantaneously and grow seemingly more infatuated with each other more and more over the years.


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